No Bread, Potatoes or Cheese?? OH MY!!

The hardest aspect of the AIP Diet is giving up all the foods you love.  For me, that meant no more bread, potatoes or cheese – my three favorite foods.  Not having Celiac or Hashimoto’s, I had never had to give up Gluten before starting this diet.  Honestly, I had no idea just how much I absolutely LOVE Gluten until I gave it up!

So out with all my old favorites and instead my pantry is now stocked with everything coconut…coconut flakes, milk, cream, flour, manna, oil.  Gone are my sodas, chocolates (Hello to my new friend Carob) and snack chips.  The dairy drawer in my fridge is now filled with organic fruits and vegetables and Nutritional Yeast has taken up residence in my pantry (I lie, it is actually sitting out on the countertop) as a dairy replacement.  FYI – Nutritional Yeast is the bomb when it comes to satisfying a savory cheese craving!  Though white potatoes are missing from my kitchen (never from my heart), various varieties of sweet potatoes, including white sweet potatoes, have taken their place.  The darkest and richest Bone Broth you’ve ever seen now fills the shelves of the freezer along with all the grass-fed/pastured meats.  If there’s a prepared meal in there now, it’s one made at home and strictly AIP.

I read about a lot of people staying on the diet for years without ever even trying the reintroduction phase.  A part of me can understand why I guess.  Once you suddenly find yourself feeling so healthy, the thought of having to endure a flare is scary.  I know that I personally NEVER want to feel that bad again if I can help it.  That being said, my love of food drives me forward through the reintroduction phase.  I want to be able to eat “like a normal person” again one day.  I understand that a lot of my old favorites will probably never be a part of my future healthy and inflammation free self but, how will I ever know which foods if I don’t at least try?

I envision myself one day eating ethnic food again…any and all ethnic foods.  I envision myself occasionally enjoying some decadent chocolate dessert in the future.  I envision myself totally immersing myself in the food and culture of each and every destination I travel, just as I have always done in the past.   I envision myself enjoying all of these scenarios healthy and inflammation free.  Time will tell which, if any, of these will actually come to fruition but I remain optimistic that I can move beyond the restrictions of the AIP Diet and have a full life filled with flavor…and maybe a few of my old favorite foods to keep me company along the way.

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