Eating MY way through AIP

I have a theory when it comes to illness/disease and the medications used to treat them:  I never want to take something that has side-effects worse than the symptoms!

When you have an Autoimmune Disease you quickly learn that in addition to battling the inflammation, infections, fatigue and brain fog, you also have to deal with the fact that you will likely develop ADDITIONAL Autoimmune Diseases too.  Happy, happy, joy, joy!  It becomes a never-ending cycle of new inflammation, new Autoimmune Disease and new drugs to treat something that is considered to be incurable.

There is another option.  Let me repeat that, THERE IS ANOTHER OPTION! Thanks to the AIP Diet (also known as the Paleo AIP or Autoimmune Protocol Diet), there is another option and it works.  The belief behind the diet is that by eliminating all foods that cause inflammation (along with any foods that may cause sensitivity), you can heal your gut and thereby remove all inflammation from your body while strengthening your immune system with nutritious foods.  It means you have to eliminate a LOT of foods from your diet for at least 30 days. (No grains, dairy, sugars, nuts, nightshades, etc.)  If you aren’t familiar with the diet, please begin your internet searches now.

Thanks to AIP, I am no INFLAMMATION FREE!!!!  I have finished my 30 day elimination period and am now beginning my “reintroduction phase”.  While still remaining on the diet, I can now begin reintroducing some old favorite foods every 5-7 days.  I’m not exactly doing it by the plan though and I’m striving to revamp some of the recipes to make them more appealing – both in taste and to be more visually appealing.

I plan on documenting this journey through the AIP Diet and the reintroduction phase, along with some new and revamped recipes.  I am hopeful others can benefit from my experience and perhaps we can learn from each other as we try to eat our way through AIP.



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